• 07/06/2023
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Are you ready for Teang Len Tournament in Live777.Com?
Teang Len is favourite game of many players. It’s not just a game; it is a place to make friends and get big prizes!
Time of the event: from 20h00 Every Thursday (08/06)
Rules: For all users playing games at Live777.com (including Web and Mobile)
Condition to join: To compete in this tournament. You must have enough 20.000 CHIPS. You can receive free CHIPS and play free in the tournament room. 
Special: CHIPS during tournament time are CHIPS from the system, and these CHIPS won’t count as your CHIPS.
Content and tournament playing time: 
Round 1: 20h00 – 20h45: After round 1 is ended, the system will pick Top 40 users who play more than 10 matches.
Round 2: 21h00 – 21h45: After round 2 is ended, the system will pick Top 4 users to play more than 15 matches to compete in the Final.
Final Round: 22h00 – 22h30: After the final round is ended. The system will summarize and show the result to award the winner.
In case the round is ended and the user has close enough match to pass the next round or the user has enough CHIPS that are the same, ADMIN will base on the number of left CHIPS in that round >> Amount of match >> Amount of winning match must be highest so we can choose the TOP user to pass the next round.
Prize 1: 10.000.000 chips
Prize 2: 5.000.000 chips
Prize 3: 2.000.000 chips
Prize 4: 1.000.000 chips

Special: Any users that joined Round 2 and played until the end of the tournament but didn't go to the Final. We will reward these players with 200.000 chips.

Note: The user plays badly, swear, Stall for time who will be eliminated immediately and not awarded, the decision of  admin is the final
Our decision will be the last decision.
Let's watch these masters competing in Round 2 and The Final. Cheer and watch them, everyone!
Hope you have fun and bring huge chips into your wallet!