• 25/06/2024
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TOURNAMENT SHEEP WAR, for the first time in the game, it promises to bring dramatic matches and extremely attractive prizes.
Time: 20H00 – On Wednesday every week 
 All the users join the SHEEP WAR TOURNAMENT 
How to join: Users join game, there is NO MINIMUM CHIPS NEEDED. When you click on the room to join, NO DEDUCTION AND PLAY FOR FREE.
Especially: When you join game, users are given CHIPS to join the tournament: The amount will be given for one person is 100.000 chips per round; The number of coins bet per table are 10.000 chips. In the process of participating in the tournament, CHIPS are given by the system for you to play for free, after the tournament theses CHIPS do not count as the CHIPS you had prior participating.
Content and time: To join the tournament, you just need to click on the tournament icon on the game page. After 5 minutes from the start of the tournament, if you miss this tournament, you will wait for the next tournament next week.

Round 1: From 20h00 to 20h30: After round 1 is finished, the system will announce the list of top 20 users with the highest chips and these users will move on to round 2.
Final round: From 20h40 to 21h10: After the final round is finished, the system summarizes user with the highest achievement points to give a reward.

Top1: 4.000.000 CHIPS
Top2: 2.000.000 CHIPS
Top3: 1.000.000 CHIPS
Top4 - 20: 200.000 CHIPS

Game’s trick: To win in every match, you just need to arrange so that your team's sheep repel all the sheep on the opponent's side, scoring 100 points will win. The rule is that your sheep must be heavier than your opponent's or they will be pushed back, so you need to handle them quickly and accurately.
Notice: In case of users using countless account or cheating will be eliminated from the list. Admin’s decision is the finale.

Wish you have fun playing game and get as much CHIPS as possible!