• 21/06/2024
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This is the first time the Phoenix Awakening tournament has been held, which promises to bring many exciting fighting round and unexpected rewards. Join now - Get an immediate gift. 
Time:  20H00 - every Saturday
Rules: For all users join the Phoenix Awakening tournament 
Condition: User join the tournament must have at least 20.000 chips. This tournament is NO DECUTED AND PLAY FOR FREE
*Especially: When entering the game, users will be given CHIPS to participate in the tournament; CHIPS during tournament participation are issued by the system for you to play for free, after tournament this CHIPS do not count towards the number of  CHIPS you had before participating. 20,000 CHIPS is the minimum number of chips for you to be eligible to participate in the tournament, admin will not deduct these chips (in the process of participating, you play completely free).
Content and time: To join the tournament, you just need to click on the tournament symbol in the lobby. After 10 minutes from the start of the tournament, if you miss it, you have to wait for the next tournament next week.
- Round 1: 20h00 - 20h15: Each users are given 10,000,000 chips (In this round, users have to complete mission by shooting 15 Clownfish).
- Round 2: 20h30 - 20h45:  After round 1 finished, top 60 user who completed round 1 and had the highest point will attend round 2. Each users are given 20,000,000 chips. (In this round, users have to complete mission by shooting 30 Clownfish and Boss PHOENIX).
- Final round: 21h00 - 21h15: After round 2 finished, the system will select top 20 users that completed the mission and had the highest point to attend the final round. The number of Chips given to each user of the FINAL ROUND is 50,000,000. 
Top1: 10.000.000 CHIPS
Top2: 5.000.000 CHIPS
Top3: 3.000.000 CHIPS
Top4: 2.000.000 CHIPS
- 20 Consolation prizes: 200.000 CHIPS/prize

Tip to play game: To win in each round, you just need to memorize the task of each round and complete the assigned task well, then score a lot of points to compete for the top in the next round.
Notice: In case of users attending the event with countless account or cheating will be eliminated from the awarding list. Admin’s decision is finale.
Wish you have fun playing the game and bringing lots of CHIPS!