OCEAN KING TOURNAMENT Tournament 2021 – FREE TO PLAY – WIN 20.000.000 CHIPS 8PM 30/10

  • 29/10/2021
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Are you ready for the OCEAN KING TOURNAMENT in Live777.com?
Time:  20H00 - every Saturday (30/10)
Rules: All users play games at Live777 (including Web and mobile) that participate in the OCEAN KING TOURNAMENT
Term: Users must have at least 20.000 CHIPS in their account. User Account won’t be subtracted when playing in the tournament room.
Special: When joining the room, the user will receive CHIPS to join the tournament. 20.000 CHIPS are the minimum CHIPS for you to join the tournament, and ADMIN won’t subtract your chips. It’s free when joined the tournament. 
Content and time battle:
+ Round 1: 20h00 – 20h15: After the end of round 1, the system will list the Top 40 users with the highest winning chips to join Round 2.
The amount of chips given to each user is 10.000.000 CHIPS – Users should hunt 10 fish and try to defeat much fish as possible to earn more points.
+ Round 2: 20h30 – 20h45: After the Top 40 from round 1 has ended, the system will choose the Top 4 with the highest points to join the Final.
The amount of chips that given to each user is 20.000.000 CHIPS – Users should hunt 10 fish and try to defeat Boss Medusa and Poseidon to earn more points.
+ Round Final: 21h00 – 21:15: After the Final has ended, the system will summarize the result to award the winner.
The number of chips given to each user is 50.000.000 CHIPS– In the final round, users should try to defeat much fish to earn CHIPS and earn more Points
Tips for users: Complete all quests to earn BONUS, collect more skills and gift boxes to kill the Boss, and earn more CHIPS.
Top1: 10.000.000 CHIPS
Top2: 5.000.000 CHIPS
Top3: 3.000.000 CHIPS
Top4: 2.000.000 CHIPS

Special: Any users that joined Round 2 and played until the end of the tournament but didn't go to the Final. We will reward these players with 200.000 chips.

NOTE: During the tournament, ADMIN will eliminate any cheating users out of the tournament and take back all prizes. 
Our decision will be the last decision.
Hope you guys have a great battle and bring many CHIPS back to your wallet!