MD5 Hash Check Tutorial

  • 03/04/2020
  • | Admin
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Checking the MD5 code is the hot subject right now. Today, Live777 ADMIN will show you how to check the MD5 code.
Video MD5:
Video KEY:
All the matches, games in services cannot be cheated. We can guarantee this:
1. When the game begins, we release the result first then we use the algorithm to encode the MD5 and release the result has been encoded. You can take a picture to check the match after the result has released:

2. After bet successfully, we will show the encoding key and the result.

3. You can check this by copy the Key and go to the website: Paste the MD5 key to string box > Press Generate to show the result.
You can compare this Generate encoding and the MD5 code. If these codes are the same, it’s mean the result of the match didn’t change after you bet successfully.
Note: The result from MD5 encoding corresponding to each result is unique cannot be fake. Please read more about the encoding MD5 at
ADMIN will pay you 1 billion CHIPS if MD5 gets any error!
Hope you have fun!!!