Boo-gyi tournament free play - wins up to 15.000.000 CHIPS every Friday 20H00 09/06

  • 08/06/2023
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Are you ready to prepare for the hottest BOOGYI Tournament in Live777?
BOOGYI is one of the familiar games that many people like. However, knowing the rules of BOOGYI is not known by everyone.  Let's wait for BOO-GYI tournament more powerful than ever 
Event time: at 20:00 every Friday - 09/06
 for all gamers (Mobile) to participate in Boo-gyi tournament competition
Eligibility: The user entering the game must have money in the wallet at least 20.000 CHIPS and when clicking the participation room will NOT BE DEDUCTED AND PLAY FOR FREE, when entering the game the user will be granted CHIPS to participate in the tournament 
CHIPS round 1 is 2.000.000 tables 5.000
CHIPS round 2 is 5.000.000 tables 10.000
CHIPS final round is 10.000.000 tables 50.000

Content and duration of the tournament:
Round 1: 19h30 - 20h15 MM time zone (20:00 - 20:45) After participating in the first round of the tournament will take the list of Top 35 users who play at least 20 matches or more
Round 2: 20h30 - 21h15 MM time zone (21:00 - 21:45) After the top 35 from the first round ends the round, the system will take the Listtop 7 users who play at least 15 matches or more to participate in the final round
Final round: 21h30 - 22:00 MM time zone (22:00 - 22:30) After the end of the final round, the system summarizes and displays the results to give falsely
In the event that at the end of the round, the user has the minimum number of games in the next round or the user has the remaining money is the same, ad will rely on the remaining amount CHIPS of the round > the number of match played > the most wins to determine the top user in the next round. 
Top 1: 5.000.000 CHIPS
Top 2: 3.000.000 CHIPS
Top 3: 2.000.000 CHIPS
Top 4 -7: 1.000.000 CHIPS


SPECIAL: Users who enter the second round who participate enough and do not reach the final round will be immediately rewarded 200,000 CHIPS
NOTE: During the course of the tournament if any cases of cheating ad are detected, they will be excluded from the round and not awarded.
Admin's decision is final.
Wishing the all user participating in the tournament is happy about the prize and have fun time with friends!